Yogas in astrology


  • What’s the relation of Yoga and astrology?
  • What are the various yogas in astrology?
  • Are the yogas in Indian astrology important for an individual’s fortunes?
  • Can I benefit from astrology yogas?
  • From where can I find info about vedic astrology yogas?


If you are the one thinking such questions, then READ ON TO FIND THE ANSWERS!

The Yogas in astrology from an integral and important component of Astrology.

The various planets in astrology affect an individual to a great extent. Every person is born under some particular planets and at the time of his birth, the planetary positions may be good or bad for him. The yogas in vedic astrology help us in understanding the effect of these planetary influences on an individual.

The presence of the yogas can be studied by referring to the horoscope. The influence of the planets in the various houses is studied to determine the result and find the astrology yogas. There are many combinations possible depending on the place and time of birth. Time and place of birth are to be known accurately for best possible results and accurate prediction in case of yoga astrology. Based on the time and the place of birth, various detailed and complex calculations are made. With these calculations the planets in astrology are known during that time of birth and location.

The results are noted in the birth chart . Now that the horoscope is ready with all the parameters filled in, the different yogas can be found out by the expert Vedic astrology guru. Some of the most common yogas in yoga astrology are:

1. Atigand Yoga
The Atigand Yoga is one of the lowest rated and inauspicious vedic astrology yogas. Any person born under this yoga can pose difficulties to his or her mother. The people born under this yoga are usually very short tempered and often inclined to a wrong path. Because of their nature their families would have to face many hardships and difficulties.

2. Ayushman Yoga
People born in this yoga are extremely lucky and artistic. The name Ayushman itself suggest that lead a happy long life as compared to people in the other yogas. They are more inclined to art and are more associated with various arts, poetry and music. Health wise also they are very sound and strong. They are also very health conscious and follow a healthy routine. They are also fond to be expert businessmen and lead a healthy a prosperous life.

3. Shobhan Yoga
People influenced by Shobhan yoga are born perfectionists. They seek minute detail in every work they perform and do full justice to their work; they are well appreciated because of their achievements. They are very beautiful, tall and attractive who possess good qualities. Because of their personality and nature they would be blessed with beautiful wife and lead a happy married life. Their children would due very helpful and supportive.

4. Saubhagya Yoga
People whose lives are influenced by this yoga are very lucky, rather them running after wealth, wealth itself attracts to them. It is the sheer power of this yoga which makes the lives much luxurious and peaceful. They are praised for the exceptional good qualities and are respected in their social circle. They often tend to get attracted to opposite sex.

5. Sukarma yoga
The name Sukarma itself suggests that people born in this yoga are deeply spiritual and religious. They are very firm in their own beliefs and help others. They always try to contribute to the society by means of donations and charity. They are very simply and humble people and compassionate towards others. They are very kind hearted and forgiving. The are blessed with a good fortunate life.

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